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Leather Manufacturing Industry Executives Mailing List and Email Address Lists

The leather manufacturing industry is a strategically important sector that contributes significantly to world economy. The growth and prosperity of the leather manufacturing sector is driven by the rising demand by the fashion industry. Furniture and interior design industries have also contributed significantly to the burgeoning leather manufacturing sector worldwide. Hence for effective business communication with key executives’, investing in valid leather manufacturing executives email list is ideal. Designed to suit a multitude of online and offline campaigns, the leather product manufacturing industry executives’ list is apt for global B2B campaigns.

In addition to contributing to world economy in the industrial domain, the leather industry has immense employment potential, particularly in the footwear and leather goods section. Therefore, investing in the leather products manufacturing executives` database is ideal for business success.

Leather products manufacturing industry may be categorised as sectors that are involved in:

At Confaab we believe in promoting business communication between marketers and leather manufacture industry executives by providing exhaustive business lists for effective B2B communication. The authentic, validated and delivery driven leather products manufacturing industry executives’ email addresses ensures successful B2B campaigns across multiple channels. We provide databases that are highly responsive and help marketers reach small, medium and fortune companies for effective business communication. Marketers can target multiple industries and decision making heads for effective sale and promotion of offers and services. The leather manufacturing executives email list helps marketers reach business professionals, C-Level executives and Middle Managements, keen on making right purchases. Authoritative decision makers often seek products and services for the betterment of the business. Avid marketers may thus invest in the authentic and relevant leather industry executives email database for effective B2B communication across multiple channels.

The advantages of investing in our valid mailing list of leather manufacturing executives` b2b lists:

Why invest in leather manufacturers’ mailing list?

Business communication is successful when marketers make the right investments. At Confaab we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that contemporary marketing campaigns are successful when marketers are keen on getting access to valid email databases. The exhaustive leather manufacturing industry email lists include data on executives associated with establishments engaged in manufacturing leather goods including but not limited to leather desk sets, footwear, saddlery, and a multitude of embossed leather goods. If quick returns and bigger deals are on your mind then waste no time, invest in the delivery-driven leather manufacturing industry executives` marketing lists for successful B2B campaigns.

Buy unique leather manufacturers marketing lists for lead generation and higher ROI:

Valid business lists are integral to business success through online, offline and other contemporary B2B campaigns. At Confaab we provide access to valid leather industry executives email database for effective promotion of products and services. In a bid to help marketers leverage business with authentic business lists, we ensure that our comprehensive databases are custom-built. The databases are built on consultation with clients, based on their business specifications. That is not all; Confaab promotes personalization of marketing messages to be more effective in engaging with audiences. Improve the quality of lead generation and get assured higher conversions with the unique leather industry executives marketing lists.

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Invest in the unique leather manufacturing executives B2B lists for lead generation and higher ROI:

There are many factors that impact business communication and at Confaab we believe in promoting effective b2b campaigns across multiple channels. Designed to suit a wide range of contemporary campaigns, the leather manufacturing industry email lists are designed with precision for assured campaign success. Stay ahead of all types of online, offline and other contemporary campaigns by making the right investments now. Choose confab`s leather manufacturers e-mail database and get access to:

Get assured business success with the unique leather manufacturing executives B2B lists:

Contemporary multichannel marketing campaigns are successful when they are supported by authentic mailing lists. Confaab is a pioneer in providing authentic databases for effective business communication as it provides relevant, B2B campaign ready and customizable leather manufacturers’ database. Get access to valid data with significant, middle management and C-level titles like Managers, Vice presidents, Marketing executives and more by choosing to invest in the email address of leather industry executives. Add impetus to business campaigns by choosing to invest in the comprehensive, custom-built and delivery-driven leather manufacturing industry executives email list.

Prepackaged List: Labor Organizations Industry

Total Records Available: -6,407 Business Executives
List Type: Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, Direct Mail
Deliverability Guarantee: 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75% + for emails.
Delivery Format: XLS/TEXT
Delivery: Immediate (Within 5 business days upon receipt of payment)

Data Source: -
In-house database of 40 million B2B executives and 18 million businesses compiled over the past 13 years through seminars, trade shows, exhibitions and magazine subscription offers. We are also active data partners with leading publishing houses and marketing agencies. Our database is updated every month and changes approximately 4% on monthly basis.

Description About Leather and Leather Products Industry: -

The industry includes establishments primarily engaged in tanning, currying, and finishing raw or cured hides and skins into leather. The largest number of establishments are in New York, Massachusetts, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas

Industry Scope: -

Reach Leather and leather products Industry professionals within industries such as

Information Available: -

First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Industry Based Counts: -

SIC Industry Records SIC Industry Records
3111 Leather Tanning and Finishing 415 3149 Footwear, Except Rubber, NEC 640
3131 Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings 499 3151 Leather Gloves and Mittens 531
3142 House Slippers 411 3171 Women's Handbags and Purses 595
3143 Men's Footwear, Except Athletic 941 3172 Personal Leather Goods 617
3144 Women's Footwear, Except Athletic 986 3199 Leather Goods, NEC 543

Company Revenue Based Counts (Approx): -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
Less than $500,000 544 $5 M to 10 M 479 $100 M to 500 M 365
$500,000 to $1 M 632 $10 M to 20 M 158 $500 M to $1 B 123
$1 M to 2.5 M 859 $20 M to 50 M 402 Over $1 Billion 47
$2.5 M to 5 M 1,470 $50 M to 100 M 316    

Breakdown By Employee Size: -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
1 - 4 381 50 - 99 565 1000-4999 545
5 - 9 318 100 - 249 775 5000 - 9999 326
10 - 19 314 250 - 499 553 10000 + 1,587
20 - 49 560 500 - 999 306    

Breakdown By State: -

State Records State Records State Records State Records State Records
AK 2 HI 6 MI 256 NV 9 UT 18
AL 22 IA 37 MN 76 NY 829 VA 49
AR 80 ID 19 MO 201 OH 251 VT 11
AZ 67 IL 214 MS 6 OK 40 WA 114
CA 840 IN 99 MT 10 OR 104 WI 198
CO 144 KS 73 NC 139 PA 323 WV 6
CT 82 KY 89 ND 2 RI 19 WY 4
DC 1 LA 28 NE 9 SC 27

DE 5 MA 440 NH 76 SD 2

FL 244 MD 101 NJ 179 TN 169

GA 111 ME 194 NM 7 TX 375

Job Title Available: -

Titles Records
CEO/President 699
CFO 225
COO 96
Chairman 101
Owner/Partner 296
Vice Presidents 602
Directors 514
IT Executives 576
Sales Executives 389
Marketing Executives 436
HR Executives 477
Operations Executives 237
Finance Executives 346
Business Development Exec 14
Controller/Comptroller 109
Corporate Secretary 24
Treasurer 41
Managers 874
Purchasing /Procurement 74
Administration 58
R and D Exec 1
Others 113

Usage Of This List: -

Comprehensive Marketing List with Complete Detail - Ideal for Personalized Email Marketing as it includes email. Good for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns as well.

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* Count breakdowns and titles / specialties may change without prior notice with our updates.


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