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Hotels, Rooming Houses Email Addresses and Mailing List

There are certain signals that trigger a positive economic outlook across specified industries. The hotel industry is one such sector that proves that the economy is doing fine. With higher occupancies, steady annualized revenue generation throughout the sector, has been showing a promising growth pattern. The global hotel industry demand is driven by economic growth and a rising trend for domestic and global travel. The lodging industry is growing in tune with the GDP and in the US, the consumer spend on lodging has exceeded the GDP by 2.6% in the last fifty years. Marketers looking to cash in on the sector may invest in the hotel industry executives` mailing list from Confaab. Collated from a reliable global source, the exhaustive hotel industry B2B lists will take business campaigns a notch higher.

A Rooming house on the other hand, is typically known as a rooming service and is often considered as an abode of some permanence. A onetime investment will help marketers reach hotels, rooming houses, camps industry professionals and more. Invest in the hotels and rooming service industry executives email list and get access to mailing data on:

At Confaab we believe in bringing marketers closer to achieving their business goals. The authentic and delivery driven email addresses of hotels and rooming house executives are ideal for B2B campaigns across industries. Our team of experts customize hotels, rooming houses, camps industry email lists according to specified business requirements and offer a highly targeted opt-in business lists for maximum conversions.

The advantages of investing in our valid mailing list of hotels and resorts:

The authentic email addresses of hotels and rooming house executives is a result of extensive research and meticulous verification. The hotels and resorts email database is well-segmented and categorized with the first name, last name, title, email address, company, address, city, state/province, ZIP/postal code, ZIP4, country, phone, fax, employees, sales, SIC code, primary industry, NAICS and web address.

Why invest in email addresses of hotels and rooming house?

The global hotel industry revenue is slated for $550 Billion US dollars in 2016. There has been a tremendous increase in the revenue generated by this sector in the past five years which showcases the significance of the sector in world economy. At Confaab we facilitate business communication across multiple channels by providing authentic and delivery driven hotel industry email addresses for successful B2B communication across multiple channels. Designed to suit online, offline, and telemarketing campaigns, the email list of hotel industry executives will augment business growth and get guaranteed higher ROI.

The hotel and resorts industry has been witnessing major changes and is growing phenomenally. Therefore, for marketers of financial services, building material and other software services, investing in the hotel industry executives’ email database from Confaab would be a wise decision. Designed with precision, the rooming house industry executives B2B lists are verified accurately to provide data that guarantees higher deliverables. The process of reaching targeted audience is thus simplified. With data on over 80,046 business decision makers, B2B marketers can send out campaigns and achieve business success effortlessly.

Buy unique email address list of hotel industry executives for lead generation and higher ROI:

Business communication across multiple channels is often quite complicated and at Confaab we aim to facilitate business communication effortlessly through different channels. In a bid to augment business growth and facilitate B2B communication, we provide authentic and delivery driven databases that are ideal for online, direct and telemarketing campaigns. The hotel industry executives email databases are collated from global sources hence ideal for contemporary global campaigns. Get access to valid data and generate premium leads for effective conversions and assured higher ROI. Precisely collated for higher deliverables, with impressive and high levels of accuracy, the mailing list of hotels and resorts will augment business growth and facilitate effective brand promotion.

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Get assured campaign success with the exclusive delivery- driven email addresses of construction industry executives:

Get assured business success with the unique hotel and rooming service mailing lists:

B2B campaigns are successful when they are supported by authentic databases. Confaab, a pioneer in providing authentic databases for effective business communication, provides lucid, accurate and delivery-driven Hotel and Rooming Service executives e-mail database. Get access to valid data on Hotel and Rooming Service Managers, Vice presidents, Marketing executives and more by choosing to invest in the hotel and rooming service email list now!

Prepackaged List:Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps Industry Executives List

Total Records Available: - 80,046 Business Executives
List Type: Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, Direct Mail
Deliverability Guarantee: 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75% + for emails.
Delivery Format: XLS/TEXT
Delivery: Immediate (Within 5 business days upon receipt of payment)

Data Source: -
In-house database of 40 million B2B executives and 18 million businesses compiled over the past 13 years through seminars, trade shows, exhibitions and magazine subscription offers. We are also active data partners with leading publishing houses and marketing agencies. Our database is updated every month and changes approximately 4% on monthly basis.

Description About Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps Industry: -

This major group includes commercial and noncommercial establishments engaged in furnishing lodging, or lodging and meals, and camping space and camping facilities.

Industry Scope: -

Reach Hotels, Rooming houses, Camps Industry professionals within industries such as

Information Available: -

First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Industry Based Counts: -

SIC Industry Records SIC Industry Records
7011 Hotels and Motels 72,271 7032 Sporting and Recreational Camps 2,728
7021 Rooming and Boarding Houses 750 7033 Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campsites 1,413

Company Revenue Based Counts (Approx): -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
Less than $500,000 8,963 $5 M to 10 M 1,236 $100 M to 500 M 268
$500,000 to $1 M 7,541 $10 M to 20 M 2,310 $500 M to $1 B 122
$1 M to 2.5 M 3,210 $20 M to 50 M 780 Over $1 Billion 103
$2.5 M to 5 M 1,785 $50 M to 100 M 553    

Breakdown By Employee Size: -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
1 - 4 6,991 50 - 99 7,581 1000-4999 3,435
5 - 9 5,459 100 - 249 9,577 5000 - 9999 1,064
10 - 19 4,883 250 - 499 4,516 10000 + 7,853
20 - 49 15,761 500 - 999 2,961    

Breakdown By State: -

State Records State Records State Records State Records State Records
AK 396 HI 660 MI 2,196 NV 2,779 UT 787
AL 667 IA 658 MN 1,684 NY 3,972 VA 2,249
AR 534 ID 357 MO 1,393 OH 2,359 VT 392
AZ 2,547 IL 2,781 MS 643 OK 542 WA 2,148
CA 9,354 IN 1,155 MT 498 OR 1,152 WI 1,376
CO 1,933 KS 578 NC 1,968 PA 2,461 WV 332
CT 776 KY 658 ND 276 RI 174 WY 296
DC 558 LA 1,194 NE 485 SC 1,414

DE 161 MA 2,621 NH 493 SD 389

FL 6,210 MD 1,733 NJ 1,685 TN 1,543

GA 2,538 ME 768 NM 597 TX 4,926

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Job Title Available: -

Titles Records
CEO/President 7,539
CFO 964
COO 181
Chairman 445
Owner/Partner 7,818
Vice Presidents 6,670
Directors 4,357
IT Executives 5,793
Sales Executives 8,096
Marketing Executives 7,144
HR Executives 3,943
Operations Executives 847
Finance Executives 4,379
Business Development Exec 51
Controller/Comptroller 1,325
Corporate Secretary 455
Treasurer 787
Managers 15,212
Purchasing /Procurement 930
Administration 652
R and D Exec 16
Others 2,031

Usage Of This List: -

Comprehensive Marketing List with Complete Detail - Ideal for Personalized Email Marketing as it includes email. Good for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns as well.

Try Our Sample Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps Industry email lists or mailing lists

* Count breakdowns and titles / specialties may change without prior notice with our updates.


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