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Coal Mining Industry Email List and Mailing Address

Coal is a black hard rock which is used as solid fossil fuel. It is made up of 65%-95% carbon with smaller percentage of hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen. Coal is formed by the pressure of rocks that were present on top of the remains of plants that were present over millions of years ago across the tropical wetlands. Coal mining is a big and profitable sector. The primary goal of coal mining is to obtain coal from the ground. Major industries like steel and cement employ coal as fuel for the extraction of iron from iron ore, and in the manufacture of cement.

Back in the eighteenth century, coal was needed in huge quantities and industries used coal that came from coal mines that were closer to the surface. The industrial revolution changed all of this and coal mines came to be incepted for accelerated manufacture of coal to supply the industries. Coal mines thus became popular. The coal mining industry has been gaining momentum ever since. Business communication with key decision makers across the industry is successful when marketers reach the targeted audience and communicate marketing messages effectively.

Reach coal mining industry experts with authentic databases that provide email addresses and mailing lists of coal mining industry executives. As a marketer, your main goal should be to keep your b2b marketing campaigns free from errors. Avoid technical glitches and delays by investing in the authentic and delivery driven coal mining industry executives email database. In addition to catering to specific business needs, the mailing lists will help marketers get a better business perspective and focus on the core competencies while experts collate data and verify them accurately.

The advantages of the coal mining industry executives` mailing list:

Why invest in the coal mining industry executives email list:

Coal mining industry is one of the most popular, revenue generating sectors that contributes significantly to world economy. At Confaab we aim to bring marketers closer to achieving their business goals by providing authentic, tele-verified and exhaustive email list of coal mining industry executives for effective B2B communication.

Designed for higher deliverables and assured campaign success, the comprehensive database promotes business communication for unmatched returns. The mailing list of coal mining industry executives will promote business communication across multiple channels. Whether the establishment is engaged in production of gas and hydrocarbon liquids, or any other aspect of the industry, the lists are responsive and have the potential to generate higher deliverables and enticing business profits.

Advantages of investing in the coal mining industry executives` mailing list:

Our coal mining industry executives mailing database is a result of extensive research and meticulous verification. The database is accurately segmented and categorized as per first name, last name, title, email address, company, address, city, state/province, ZIP/postal code, ZIP4, country, phone, fax, employees, sales, SIC code, primary industry, NAICS and web address.

Buy unique coal industry executives` lists to generate premium leads for higher profits

Business communication is a challenge especially when marketers are unable to reach prospects and the targeted audience effectively. At Confaab we facilitate effective business communication across multiple channels with the exhaustive and verified mailing address of Coal industry executives. The data is accurate, B2B campaign ready and ideal for better market penetration and accelerated business profits. If your campaigns are ready, add the right impetus by investing in the coal industry executives email databases now.

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Excel in multichannel marketing campaigns with delivery driven and exhaustive coal mining industry executives’ mailing list:

The coal mining industry executives` email database is niche and supports personalization of marketing messages to decision makers across industries. Our business databases are compiled from reliable global sources and verified to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Achieve business growth with our unique coal mining industry executives email database:

At Confaab, we develop marketing databases based on specified business requirements. The mailing lists are accurate, exhaustive and delivery driven for enticing returns. Designed with precision, the email database is ideal for multichannel marketing campaigns that are accurate, relevant and fresh. Stay ahead of the game by making the right business choices. Invest in the authentic and delivery driven coal mining industry executives email list for assured campaign success.

Prepackaged List: Coal Mining Industry Executives List

Total Records Available: - 11,063 Business Executives
List Type: Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, Direct Mail
Deliverability Guarantee: 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75% + for emails.
Delivery Format: XLS/TEXT
Delivery: Immediate (Within 5 business days upon receipt of payment)

Data Source: -
In-house database of 40 million B2B executives and 18 million businesses compiled over the past 13 years through seminars, trade shows, exhibitions and magazine subscription offers. We are also active data partners with leading publishing houses and marketing agencies. Our database is updated every month and changes approximately 4% on monthly basis.

Description About Coal Mining Industry: -

The US coal mining industry includes about 1,000 companies that operate 1,500 mines, with combined annual revenue of $25 billion. Large producers include Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, and Massey Energy. After strong consolidation during the last decade, the 10 largest companies hold about 65 percent of the market. The typical company operates a single mine. The size of mines varies considerably, but a large operation produces more than 1 million tons of coal per year.

Industry Scope: -

Reach Coal Mining Industry professionals within industries such as

Information Available: -

First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Industry Based Counts: -

SIC Industry Records SIC Industry Records
1241 Coal Mining Services 578 1231 Anthracite Mining 188
1222 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining 1,011 1221 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining 1,807

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Company Revenue Based Counts (Approx): -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
Less than $500,000 744 $5 M to 10 M 109 $100 M to 500 M 31
$500,000 to $1 M 384 $10 M to 20 M 68 $500 M to $1 B 41
$1 M to 2.5 M 266 $20 M to 50 M 121 Over $1 Billion 214
$2.5 M to 5 M 301 $50 M to 100 M 78    

Breakdown By Employee Size: -

Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
1 - 4 575 50 - 99 792 1000-4999 1,337
5 - 9 601 100 - 249 1,109 5000 - 9999 652
10 - 19 817 250 - 499 742 10000 + 2,860
20 - 49 1,316 500 - 999 492    

Breakdown By State: -

State Records State Records State Records State Records State Records
AK 67 HI 4 MI 132 NV 136 UT 244
AL 192 IA 55 MN 126 NY 189 VA 442
AR 38 ID 129 MO 462 OH 713 VT 4
AZ 336 IL 527 MS 70 OK 148 WA 240
CA 550 IN 220 MT 88 OR 184 WI 332
CO 392 KS 76 NC 172 PA 858 WV 305
CT 133 KY 341 ND 92 RI 7 WY 191
DC 13 LA 364 NE 78 SC 128

DE 18 MA 118 NH 13 SD 30

FL 340 MD 173 NJ 145 TN 172

GA 200 ME 30 NM 71 TX 975

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Job Title Available: -

Titles Records
CEO/President 1,540
CFO 277
COO 76
Chairman 201
Owner/Partner 303
Vice Presidents 1,239
Directors 1,152
IT Executives 827
Sales Executives 384
Marketing Executives 423
HR Executives 509
Operations Executives 386
Finance Executives 689
Business Development Exec 30
Controller/Comptroller 219
Corporate Secretary 43
Treasurer 198
Managers 1,793
Purchasing /Procurement 176
Administration 180
R and D Exec 13
Others 346

Usage Of This List: -

Comprehensive Marketing List with Complete Detail - Ideal for Personalized Email Marketing as it includes email. Good for Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns as well.

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* Count breakdowns and titles / specialties may change without prior notice with our updates.


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